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Five Reasons to Contact a Car Accident Attorney

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Michigan car insurance attorneys

Did you know that most car accidents actually occur within three miles of the drivers home? Not only that, but car accidents are the top source of personal injury in the entire world. There are several risk factors that contribute to crashes. Male drivers, for example, are twice as likely to have accidents as female drivers. Forty percent of fatal accidents involve alcohol, and if you are talking on a cellphone, your chances of getting into an auto accident are increased by four hundred percent.

If you are involved with an accident in Michigan, you might want to contact a Flint car accident attorney. What are five reasons you should consider contacting an attorney?

First, if you have been hit by someone else and they were responsible, Michigan car insurance attorneys can establish that the other driver is at fault for the accident and make sure that you are properly compensated by your insurance. A Flint car accident attorney will also help you to understand insurance law and policy better, so that there are no surprises at the end of the day. They will also help you keep on top of lawsuit deadlines so that you do not miss filing times. When it comes to suing, there is a statute of limitations that eventually expires. For car accidents, it is likely to be one or two years.

Second, an auto accident attorney MI will help you get medical damages in case of injury. It is important that you receive proper funding for medical problems, since without proper coverage your bills could be quite high.

Third, if you are worried about the cost of hiring a Flint car accident attorney, many lawyers work on a contingency basis. This means that you will not have to pay them unless you win a lawsuit. Therefore, there is little financial risk to you, and incentive to them for winning.

Fourth, a Detroit auto accident attorney will help you go through the process of settlement. Most cases eventually settle out of court in order to save costs and reduce the drawn out length of a trial, and it bodes well to have a lawyer with you who understands what is possible and what is just.

Fifth, most Flint car accident attorneys do extensive legal research for their cases. Without a legal background, it will be difficult to come to a case fully prepared.

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