Litigation Attorneys Offer a Number of Services

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She was an elected official, but now, that role it is just one of the many memories she has lost. In 1981, your grandmother was the first elected female mayor of her town. Her husband, your grandfather, was the chief surgeon of the hospital in the town. They had 10 children and lived in that painted lady of a home, The one with the pink trim.
Now, however, she struggles to remember even the name of the youngest daughter who visits on a regular basis. After all of her years of public service, your grandmother now relies on doctors and nurses for the care that she needs. As a family, your mother and her siblings had to rely on an estate attorney to help navigate the challenges of moving your grandmother out of her house. Complicated by the fact that your grandmother has one son who is need of constant care because of mental disabilities, the estate attorney was able to set up a trust for this son’s care, designate monies for your grandmother’s care, and move the other money into an a

Changes in Construction Law Needs

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Making an appeal in court

It wasn’t all that long ago that it would have been hard to find a construction attorney in the United States; and the handful that existed could only be found somewhere in a big city. In those days, most construction law firms dealt almost exclusively with disputes with the federal government or prepared contract claims.

Things have changed a great deal. Today, it’s fairly easy to find a construction attorney, since there are approximately 30,000 of them nationwide. These attorneys must now be specialists in cont