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  • Expert Tips for the Divorce Mediation Process

    Video Source Divorce mediation services give the opportunity to both parties of a divorce to hear each other out and plan their future outside of their relationship. Here are some tips from a former attorney on how to prepare for divorce mediation. Preparation is important for the divorce mediation process. Think of yourself as an […]

  • Why You Should Get a Chapter 7 Lawyer

    Chapter 7 is one of the most common forms of bankruptcy used by people. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is designed to help people who are unable to pay their existing debts. If you are wondering if you need a chapter 7 lawyer, continue reading. Personal bankruptcy is a way of receiving protection from your creditors. Bankruptcy […]

  • Do Car Accidents Always Go to Trial?

    This video is to help viewers with information on an auto accident lawyer. When you are in an accident it is important to know your rights. A lawyer who specializes in auto accidents will be the perfect person to help you in filing a claim and figuring out where to go after the accident. Video […]

  • Are DIY Trusts and Wills Any Good?

    Are you considering doing a homemade Will? Be cautious of these couple of things this video mentions. If you can, look into a will and trust lawyer. A homemade Will is only legally valid if properly drafted, signed and witnessed. The absence of these things means the Will will be in danger of being disputed. […]

  • What is a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

    Before considering the various criminal defense lawyers criminal defense law firms at your disposal, you should be well-versed with their experience level. This is a critical factor that goes a long way in ensuring the criminal defense attorney that you hire will do a great job. That is why proper assessment of criminal defense lawyers […]

  • What to Avoid When Designing Your Law Firm Website

    It is important that your law firm has a website. Small law firm marketing online is essential to attract new clients. A recent survey found that about 78% of people consult with online resources including a website. A law firm website design company is a professional service that can help with SEO for law firms […]

  • 6 Instances Where a Client Will Need to Hire an Attorney

    Many people think that calling an attorney is a sign of weakness or failure. That belief is a myth. Many successful and influential people in our society hire attorneys regularly to protect their rights and assets. Your rights and possessions are worth protecting and defending. Whenever you’re dealing with a matter of money, health, safety, […]

  • How To Choose a Criminal Defense Attorney

    In this video, you will learn how to find the best criminal defense attorney service to defend criminal charges on you. There are three main factors you need to look at before choosing the best criminal defense attorney service. The first thing to look upon is lawyer competence, like experience and knowledge. Video Source You […]

  • Tips For Getting the Most Out of Divorce Mediation

    Going through a divorce is never a fun or enjoyable thing, especially if there is a lot of stress and tension already existing between the couple. Divorce mediation is an important part of most divorce cases as it gives everyone a chance to sit down and talk with supervision and support as they work through […]

  • Interested in Law? These Are The Top Areas You Can Study

    different types of lawyers and their roles

    When you decide you want to study law, there are many different areas of study for you. Depending on the area you choose, there are numerous professional opportunities open to you. When you become a lawyer, you must be an expert in your field or area. When you choose a specific area of study, it […]

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