What to do After a Medical Malpractice

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If you have suffered a medical malpractice or workplace injury, it can have devastating consequences. You may have severely sprained, strained, or even broken something in a way that will restrict your mobility for the rest of your life. You may no longer be physically capable of doing your job. You may have even lost a limb or extremity. Not to mention the loss of wages, loss of employment, the accumulation of hospital and rehabilitation bills, and a stressful civil lawsuit between you and your employer. Or, maybe, you are pursuing a settlement because of the wrongful death of a loved one at a workplace.

So a lift at the warehouse you work at was not properly inspected or secured, and you have fallen and think you may have broken your ankle because of it. What now?

The most important part of properly settling a medical malpractice or workplace injury is immediately reporting it to your place of employment. You should not be embarrassed or worried that you did something wro