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What to Do When You are Hurt By Another Driver

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The United States is well known for being a nation of cars and trucks, and many Americans drive their own vehicles to commute to work or college or for leisure or errands. Over 200 million Americans have a valid driver’s license, nearly all Americans aged 18 and over. This gives a person a great deal of autonomy for transportation, but they must be careful, since the road and other drivers are not always safe. Unfortunately, traffic accidents are quite common in the United States both past and present, and drivers and pedestrians are often injured when a drunk or distracted driver hits them. When a person is hurt by another driver, they may look for an auto accident lawyer or a car accident attorney, and a personal injury lawyer like these can do a lot of good. When you are hurt by another driver, legal help may not be far away, and gett

What is a Prior Art Search?

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What is a Prior Art Search?

If you are going to apply to obtain a patent you will want to do a prior art search first. This is where you or a professional searches databases for prior art for inventions and concepts that are similar to the one you wish to patent. If something similar is found then there is a strong chance that your application will be rejected.

Can You Do It Yourself?

It is is possible with the tools modern internet provides to do a prior art search on your own. However, it is less likely to be thorough enough that way and it is wise to enlist the help of a professional. The only time that it is a good idea to do it on your own rather than outsourcing the task is if you are an expert in the field you are inventing in. This is because you will be more versed in what already exists.

What are the Benefits of a Prior Art Search?

Conducting this

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