Defense Base Act (DBA) Attorney

Defense base act attorney

DBA attorneys are lawyers who litigate in cases where a civilian employee under a government contract is injured or killed while working on an overseas project. Under the defense base act attorneys pursue reimbursement for physical injury or the surviving family of the civilian who was injured or killed. The inciting incident which caused the injury or death must be reported within thirty days of its occurrence. When you are looking to invoke the rights you maintain through the Defense Base Act lawyers are located throughout the USA for you or your loved one to contact. This may seem silly when the DBA attorneys’ clients are located across the globe. These Dba lawyers work vigilantly to file claims with the US Department of Labor, and they will fight to get you the compensation you deserve, compensation that will see you through your loved one’s disability, injury, or death. With the multiple locations and varied options for a DBA attorney, it is prudent to shop around before committing to one who may not be the best fit. Thankfully, with distance already being a factor in many cases, location is not necessarily a deal breaker for many people looking to file with a DBA attorney. Read this website for more information.

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