Fighting a Virginia DUI

Virginia dui

If you have been arrested for a Virginia DUI you can hire a Virginia criminal lawyer to combat the charges for you. There are several benefits associated with fighting a Virginia DUI. Even if you are guilty of a Virginia DUI, your chances of getting the penalties for it to be lowered are greater if you hire a good lawyer. If you live in Fairfax, be sure to look for the best Fairfax dwi lawyer you can find. Getting arrested for Virginia reckless driving is something you would want to hire a criminal defense attorney for too.

When people fight a Virginia DUI you may also be able to keep a temporary license until the trial comes up. Before deciding to fight a Virginia DUI though, there are several things to consider first. For one, it is important to consult with a Virginia DUI attorney that has experience in fighting DUI charges for clients. A criminal defense attorney can go over your case and determine if it is worth fighting DUI charges. People who get arrested for a DUI should be sure they bring all of the details concerning their arrest to the attention of their Virginia DUI attorney.

One of the first things your lawyer will do is take a look at the tests that were done at the time of your arrest. If your attorney can find a problem they can use that to help to get the charges dropped. When DUI testing procedures are not done correctly they can lead to faulty readings or results. Clients who fail the coordination test may have valid reasons for it, other than being intoxicated. If so, your Virginia DUI attorney can use that to your advantage.

If you are on some kind of special diet it may cause a false positive reading too. Also, the officer must have a good reason to stop someone they think is intoxicated. If they don’t have a legitimate reason to stop you, your lawyer may be able to use that to fight the Virginia DUI charges too. The most important thing to do is to comply with all the court orders for appearance and be there with your Virginia DUI lawyer. Find out more by talking to a DUI attorney today.

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