Here’s Why You May Want to Seek Class Arbitration Instead of Taking Your Lawsuit to Court

Melanie cyganowski

Class action lawsuits are often quite complex due to the sheer number of plaintiffs and/or defendants that are involved in the case. Since class actions are so involved, the litigation process in court is usually much more tedious and drawn-out than a standard trial.

If you wish to avoid the high costs and potential unfavorable decisions of bringing your case to court, you should seek class arbitration through alternative dispute resolution. Class arbitration allows a group of plaintiffs to settle with the defendant outside of court, saving everyone involved tons of time, money, and stress.

Class arbitration isn’t always a viable option, but if you see a chance to avoid a trial in court, you should always take advantage of it. Here are just a few of the reasons that you may want to consider class arbitration instead of bringing your class action lawsuit to court:

  • Avoid tedious litigation. Every type of class action lawsuit is complex, but these cases can get even more convoluted when sensitive issues are at hand. For example, about 50% of black Americans have experienced discrimination in the workplace or the voting booth. If all of these people came together to form a class action lawsuit, there would need to be a litany of testimonies in court. Additionally, any type of discrimination lawsuit requires extensive time spent in court to avoid a hasty ruling that could damage someone’s reputation.
  • Save money. Those who commit white collar offenses may have the money to fight in court, but many class action plaintiffs do not have the means to take on big corporations that may have wronged them. Class arbitration utilizes the same experienced judges as a normal courtroom, yet the costs are nowhere near what you would spend throughout the course of a trial.
  • Pre-litigation strategy. Personal injury cases are perhaps the most common cause of alternative dispute resolution. As many as 96% of personal injury cases are settled pretrial, and in some cases, a vehicle malfunction or workplace mishap could prompt a class action lawsuit. If class arbitration does not work best for you, you can still take advantage of alternative dispute resolution services by building a sound case before you enter the courtroom.

Since every class action lawsuit is unique, you need to look at every one of your options before committing to a trial. Consider class arbitration through alternative dispute resolution and obtain the justice you deserve.

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