How to Stay Safe on Winter Roads this Year

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Winter often brings an increase in auto accidents. The roads are slippery, people are celebrating the holidays with alcohol, and the season is busy, meaning an increase in distracted driving. While it is important to be safe on the road all year long, these safe driving tips will help you be safe during winter driving.

Prepare your vehicle for winter driving

Winter driving can be hard on even the most prepared of vehicles. Before the first snowfall, make sure your car is ready for winter driving. Change out your tires if you live in a four season state. Have the treading on your tires checked and change them if they are low. Check the engine oil, wiper fluid, and overall condition of your car. Not only will this inspection help you with safer winter driving, but it will also prevent you from breaking down in the cold.

Consider all wheel drive vehicles

You might not be ready to purchase a new car just yet. But, if you are considering replacing your vehicle soon, make sure you consider something that is all wheel drive. An all wheel drive will help you operate in tricky winter road conditions. Front wheel drive vehicles tend to be the worst on icy roads and can result in more car accidents. Know your car and how well it handles winter roads. If the roads get too bad and your car is not safe, avoid driving at all.

Program emergency response in your mobile device

If you are the member of an auto club, like AAA, make sure you program their contact information into your mobile device. That way, if you come across any car or road problems, you can call them immediately. Make sure you also understand what is included in your auto membership. Will they tow your vehicle if it gets stuck? Will they come out and get you if you are involved in a car accident? Some insurance providers also offer these car accidents services. It can be extremely valuable to know where to get help.

Know when to hire legal help

About 3 million people are injured every year in car accidents on U.S. roads. Sometimes an accident is just an accident. The roads were slippery and someone?s car was unable to stop at a safe distance. Sometimes, however, there is illegal activity involved and an attorney is needed. Car accidents that involve drinking and driving require a DUI attorney. If injuries are severe, a specialized personal injury lawyer might be needed. An average drunk driver has driven drunk 80 times before the first arrest.

Drinking and drugs are not the only illegal thing that can cause car accidents. Car accidents are also caused by distracted driving. Distracted driving claimed 3,477 lives in 2015 alone. In fact, distracted driving has become such a large problem that many states have made driving and texting or driving and talking on the phone illegal. You could be charged criminally if you were engaging in something that is considered distracted driving and causes an auto accident. Make sure you are protected with a car accident attorney.

Winter roads result in a higher occurrence of auto accidents. When you combine holiday drinking, distracted driving, and winter roads, you are left with an extremely dangerous situation. Make sure your vehicle is prepared for winter roads. Preprogram any auto club membership into your phone and have a preferred auto accident attorney on call.

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