Steps to Take When Finding a Construction Lawyer

It probably comes as no secret to hear that the construction market in the United States is a lucrative business. In 2016 alone, for instance, it was worth about $1,162 billion. However, even though it is a thriving market, it also has its ups and downs. The construction industry experienced a significant downsizing between April of 2001 and January of 2011. During that time, 40% of its work force was let go.

There are other explanations for individuals who were previously in the construction industry and now may no longer be affiliated with it. One of those reasons, unfortunately, is accidents and injuries. Just as an example, let’s review these numbers from the American Arbitration Association in 2015. During that time, lawyers and lawyers for construction companies were very busy, handling 551 construction industry cases with over $500,000 in claims.

Have you or someone you know been hurt in a construction accident while on the job? Are you asking yourself: “Do I need a lawyer?” Hiring a lawyer who is familiar with construction law and cases where individuals are injured in a construction industry accident will be essential for you at this point. A construction lawyer is a professional will be able to get you through the legal process.

There are many questions and problems that your lawyer will need to address if you have been injured. Some of them might be: How do you face an insurance company? How do you get workers compensation? How do you handle legal matters?

There are a lot of things to remember and a lot of things to look for when you need a lawyer to help you with your construction accident injury claim. Here are three things to remember as you go about finding the attorney that is right for you.

Do Your Homework
Make sure that you check out the lawyer you are considering. Check their professional background. Carefully examine their credentials. Be sure to look for an attorney who is licensed and in good standing.

Do Your Comparative Shopping
Make sure that you check out the cost and the pricing. What are the attorney fees for someone who has been hurt on the job? Or a workers compensation case? You need to be sure of the terms of the rate you will be expected to pay. Ask if it is a one-time fee, for instance, or if you will be charged by the hour.

Do Your Networking
Make sure you talk to everyone. Ask around everywhere and be sure you can trust who you’re talking to. Then, speak with the attorney and find out if you feel that you will be able to trust this lawyer with your particular needs after being hurt on the job. Beware of promises or guarantees. Look for an experienced, solid lawyer who discusses the real facts of the case with you and offers real answers to you. This is what you deserve. This is what the lawyer is trained to do.

The legal process surrounding construction law can appear complex, but an experienced lawyer will be able to manage it for you. A good, experienced attorney will be there with you as you take your first steps towards getting your life back to normal.

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