What You Need to Know If You Are Thinking about Getting a Divorce

How to choose an estate planning attorney

We all dream of growing up, finding the love of our life, getting married, and living happily ever after. Unfortunately, relationships do not always turn out this way. Many people get married only to later realize that they are in an unsustainable relationship and need to get a divorce.

Divorce is a legal dissolution of a marriage ending with it the legal duties and responsibilities that accompany marriage. Divorces in the United States are governed under state law and must be handed down by a court. The average age of divorcees is 30 years old. Couples with kids are significantly less likely to get divorced than those without children. Within the United States, Oklahoma has the highest divorce rate.

Because of the long term stress associated with a divorce proceeding, couples should not initiate divorce proceedings until they have exhausted all other methods of reconciliation. If you believe that divorce is your only course of action then the first step is finding a good lawyer. Family law lawyers usually handle divorce cases. These lawyers may be solo practitioners or work at a larger law firm. The process of finding a lawyer is important because this is going to be the person who will represent your interests during the divorce proceedings. Thus, you have to trust them and have confidence in their abilities, otherwise you are likely to become even more frustrated.

Besides a divorce lawyer, you may want to consider getting the advice of a real estate lawyer. After children, real estate is the most contentious divorce issue. Real estate lawyers are specialized in property law and may be able to help you, especially if you have significant property holdings. If you hire a divorce lawyer from a law firm, the firm may already have real estate lawyers working for them.

Remember that the most important thing is finding a good lawyer. Trust and honesty are the most important qualities of a good lawyer. If you wish to find a local lawyer, you can look in the yellow pages or online for Irvine lawyers who specialize in divorce cases.

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