4 Reasons Every Inventor Needs a Lawyer

Patent law has certainly been in use for many years. In fact, the first form of patent law was enacted over 228 years ago. Since this time, patents have certainly grown in terms of popularity. A recent survey found that patents are strongly used throughout 12 separate industries. Considering the popularity of patent law, it’s important to have a legal professional on your side. In this post, you’ll learn four benefits of working with an intellectual property practice.

  • Ensuring Your Applications Are Correct

    Statistics show that the USPTO receives over 500,000 patent applications annually. Unfortunately, the patent office must send back applications that are filled out incorrectly. Considering the work that goes into creating these applications, you don’t want to see it sent back. This is why many inventors contact intellectual property practices. In turn, lawyers help their clients navigate the patent process.
  • Saving Immense Amounts of Time

    Inventors know that working on their inventions takes time. Considering that, taking the time to learn about patent law isn’t a luxury that many have. Therefore, it’s wiser to work with a patent lawyer. This ensures that you’re able to work on your inventions without worrying about the ins and outs of legal paperwork.
  • Fighting Back Against Infringement

    The main purpose of patents is to protect your intellectual property from others. Unfortunately, people are sometimes crafty while trying to steal other’s ideas. Considering that, it’s certainly wise to have a lawyer from an intellectual property practice on your side. Without one, you’re going to have a tough time building an infringement case.
  • Avoiding Infringing on Other’s Intellectual Property

    As important as it is for you to remain protected, it’s imperative to think about others. Considering that, it’s imperative to ensure that your new patent doesn’t accidentally infringe on the property of others. This could lead to you ending up being involved in lawsuits. Fortunately, a lawyer will help ensure you avoid this problem. Intellectual property lawyers will be able to search throughout patents similar to yours, ensuring no infringement occurs.

In conclusion, it’s important that patent creators have legal representation. You can try to handle patent matters all on your own. However, this is often extremely risky. In addition, the time associated with trying to learn patent law could have an impact on your business. It’s impossible to create new inventions while research patent law to keep yourself safe. Instead of this burden, work with those who already have an understanding of patent law.

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