4 Tips to Help those Make it Through Family Mediation Servivces

Mediation happens for a variety of reasons including divorce and child custody issues. Divorce is so common that it is a main cause for mediation services. Most marriages only have a 50% chance of lasting according to research. Things such as children drop the rate by about 40% and college attendees by about 13% but the fact still remains that divorce is a main cause for mediation services. No matter what you are going to mediation for, there are a few things that you can do to help your family mediation services go smoothly. Follow these tips to get the most out of this process and reap the benefits from it.


You should make sure that you understand the rules concerning the family mediation process. Family mediation services are voluntary services, but they are extremely beneficial to family’s. During the process a neutral third party will attempt to come to an agreement on both sides. This can help save fees when divorcing your spouse and help save time and sanity.


Ensure that all parties agree to confidentiality before agreeing to to go family mediation. It is important that all parties adhere to the confidentiality rules that were set into place. Ensure that your spouse and the other party have signed the confidentiality notice as well. Also ensure that the party agrees to allow the mediator to disclose confidential information disclosed at a different time or place.


It is extremely easy to get caught up in all kinds of sideways arguments while going through mediation services. This can cloud the real reason mediation is needed in the first place. Sit down and identify what the main problem or the main problems were. This can help keep you, the other party and the mediator focused so that the problems get solved. This can also help curb smaller disputes that may arise without something to keep everyone on guidance.


Is is very important to determine before hand who all will be at the family mediation session. You and the other party should determine the necessary people that are needed, and this should be in writing. This helps all parties involved have a say and helps ensure that all necessary information lands in the right hands and that everyone receives the information obtained during the mediation process.

No matter what the reason for mediation is, know that it is a common process and there is nothing to feel ashamed about. Mediation helps couples come to an agreement, when it seems as though no other agreement can be made. This eliminates the need for the judge to lay down ground rules, but rather allows both parties to have a say in the agreement that is reached. Consider mediation the final step in helping resolve differences before going to court and paying the court fees, attorney fees and having to take more time off work.


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