A Look At Personal Injury Cases In the United States

The accident related injury, be it a work accident related injury or a car accident related injury, is an incredibly common thing here in the United States. People become injured with alarming frequency and, in many cases, someone is to blame for these often serious accidents. If you have become the victim of such an accident related injury, it is even likely that you are entitled to a certain degree of compensation, though the amount of this compensation will, of course, vary (as everything does). Contacting a personal injury lawyer is likely to be within your best bet, and the typical personal injury lawyer can help you out in any number of personal injury situations, no matter what type of accident related injury it is that you have sustained.

First, we will look at the car accident related injury. There are, in total, an estimated six million or so car and other such motor vehicle accidents (like truck accidents) each and every year in the United States alone. In these accidents, as many as three million people will become injured and more than thirty thousand (sometimes considerably more) will even lose their lives. Common causes of such car accidents include drunk driving and driving while otherwise intoxicated, as well as driving while distracted behind the wheel. Speeding is another common cause of car accidents in the United States, as well as of the accident related injury. All of these causes can be easily prevented.

Drunk driving, for instance, is a major cause of motor vehicle accident related injury. In fact, it is even estimated that for every two minutes that pass, someone in the United States becomes injured in a drunk driving related incident. On top of this, drunk drivers are not stopped and caught all that frequently. Of the three hundred thousand drunk drivers who take to the streets each and every day here in the United States, only around four thousand are actually stopped and arrested and faced with punitive justice. The rest are still out on the road, causing a considerable threat to themselves as well as everyone who is around them.

Distracted driving is another main cause of motor vehicle accident related injury and even death. Just looking down at your phone or otherwise taking your eyes off the road for a mere five seconds is dangerous, as, at speeds of fifty five miles per hour or more, you’re likely to go the entire distance of a football field before looking up again. Of course, anything can happen in that mere five seconds, even a life altering or life ending car accident.

Slip and fall accident related injury are also common in the United States, particularly in the work place. And these slip and fall accidents can have considerable consequences, with more than twenty percent of said injuries (twenty two percent, to be exact) requiring the employee to miss at least a month of work (thirty one days, on average) if not even longer. While workers compensation should cover this, it does not always accurately and adequately do so. And some of the slip and fall accident related injuries that are seen are incredibly severe. For as much as five percent of those who have sustained a slip and fall accident related injury, a back injury as severe as a fracture is likely to occur. A fracture in your body, but particularly in places like your spine, can take a very long time to fully heal, a process that can be arduous and very painful for many, especially if they are of a certain age.

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