From Assets To Custody How A Divorce Attorney Can Help You

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Did you know that every 36 seconds in America, someone gets divorced? This adds up to 2,400 divorces per day, 16,8000 divorces per week, and 876,000 divorces per year. The point is that divorce is no longer the taboo it once was in America. No matter what we feel about this, the fact is that people are always going to get divorced, and usually for extremely valid reasons. If you’re facing a divorce, you shouldn’t feel like you’re harboring a dirty secret. Some try to keep their divorces as “quiet” as possible, and in the process attempt to work through their divorces without an attorney. This is a misguided attempt at secrecy that often ends in divorces blowing up in court. This is because, without a divorce attorney on your side,

DUI Attorney Costs Are Worth the Investment

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It had been a relaxing afternoon. Sitting in your dorm room, enjoying the fact that it was early Saturday afternoon and you already have all your weekend homework complete, you were ready for a quiet weekend. A little before noon you had a phone call from a friend. The request was simple. Could you go pick up a few things from the grocery store and bring them over to the baseball diamond? The games had been delayed because all of the rain and your friend just wanted a couple of snacks and another large power drink. No problem.
No problem, that is, until you were returning from the errand. Just as you were crossing the last intersection before you returned to the dorm, a car came from nowhere and hit the front or your car. They were turning left and bounced of the front driver’s side before hi

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