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  • Law School Application Help!

    If you are in the process of applying to law school, we can help you improve your law school application and so improve your chances of getting into the law school you want. With legal jobs as tight as they are, getting into the right school with the right connections is imperative to your future […]

  • Law School Application Deadlines

    Have you been seriously considering applying to one of the many wonderful law schools that exist around the U.S.? If so, great. This country could use more excellent lawyers, and the profession of law is something that is always in need. Therefore, there should always be opportunities for you to gain employment once you graduate […]

  • Applying to Law School is Important Enough to Warrant Planning Ahead

    Law school application deadlines are one of the more important processes in an aspiring law professionals educational career. The planning, the timing, and the effort that needs to be put forth to complete the law school application process is equivalent to walking up hill to school, both ways, naked in a snowstorm. Being responsible and […]

  • Get help with your law school application

    So you’ve made it through your undergrad and are now thinking about a career in law. Perhaps you have some particular ambition you want to achieve within the field of law, such as an attorney who champions the cause of environmentalism or a supreme court judge. Regardless of your ultimate goals, the first step is […]

  • Tips on Properly Handling Law School Applications

    Are you in the midst of filling out a law school application, yet you are apprehensive that something you are doing is wrong, and that whatever you are doing could quite possibly prevent you from getting into the law school of your choice? Thankfully you can rest easy, as there is sufficient law school application […]

  • Timing is everything when applying to law school

    Applying to law school is an exciting, nerve wracking occasion in one’s life. Those who are eager to become lawyers or judges, who are willing to fight for the rights of their fellow man should consider becoming a lawyer a noble act. However, it should be noted that time is of the essence when applying […]