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  • Measure the Value of Law School Before Going Through the Tough Application Process

    According to the American Bar Association, there are currently 202 accredited law schools in the United States. However, the number of students going through the law school application process is steadily declining, which means there might be an excessive number of schools and programs. In 2004, 100,000 people tried to meet law school application deadlines […]

  • Get the Help You Need for Your Law School Application with These Three Tips

    The number of law school applicants has been in decline over the past few years, with about 56,000 people applying to accredited schools for the upcoming school year, which is down 13 percent from the year before. Although the process is still competitive, if you are applying to law school, your chances of getting in […]

  • Law Is not easy, Neither is the Application for Law School

    Law school. It can be the start of an exciting career. Daunting, sure, but it is a step in a direction to making a difference, helping people in need, and making boat loads of money while doing it. If you want to follow in the foot steps of your father, your father’s father, your father’s […]

  • Things To Keep In Mind When Applying To Law School

    The prospect of going to law school can most definitely be exciting. However, preparing and submitting law school applications can be daunting and overwhelming. Therefore, if you are in the law school application process and are looking for some advice regarding law school applications, there are several things that you may want to keep in […]

  • Get the best advice for your application to law school

    Law school applications have a nasty habit of being difficult. While applying to college can be difficult in general, the law school application process can be particularly nasty for some people, especially if they are nervous, anxious, or worried if they have the grades necessary. Whether it is framing themselves properly, or writing an essay […]

  • Get Ready Before Its Too Late

    Sending in law school applications just before the deadline might be a risk you do not want to take. The importance of submitting a law school application successfully is a key component to the application process in terms of timing and ensuring that your application goes through without any hangups. The best train of thought […]

  • Law School Application Timelines Can Help You Apply To The Right School

    When you are looking to apply to law school, you want to look for law school application advice to make sure that you select the right school. When applying to law school, you need to also make sure that you adhere to the law school application timeline of the particular school that you are interested […]

  • Meeting Law School Application Deadlines

    If you are nearing the end of your undergraduate education and are thinking about law school, the summer is the time during which you prepare your law school applications. Law school application deadlines generally are not until the early spring, but schools will generally start accepting applications in August or September. Starting your law school […]

  • Got a Talent for Arguing? Heading to Law School and Becoming a Lawyer Might be the Best Option

    After college, many individuals find themselves at a crossroads in their life. While some will have jobs lined up, and others might just want to take some time to decompress and relax after a demanding college career. Others still will be thinking about continuing their education in order to pursue a career as a legal […]

  • Information to Use when Searching for Law School Application Help

    Being able to graduate from law school and starting your career as an attorney takes a lot of hard work and dedication. The result is well worth all the time and effort, however. Law school graduates can look forward to an exciting, well paying career. The first step is to decide which law school you […]