Do You Text Or Eat While Driving? You Could Be Putting Other Drivers At Risk

Distracted driving accidents

Do you regularly practice safe driving habits? Don’t count yourself out of the race just yet. It’s important to remember that a significant portion of Americans practice unsafe habits when they’re out on the open road, putting both themselves and others at risk for severe injury or worse without even realizing it. Distracted driving accidents and drunk driving have reached an all-time high in the past few years, causing many law firms to completely overhaul their methods in an attempt to keep up with the demand of lawsuits, property damages and more. If you’ve sought out the services of an accident law firm or simply want to know more safe driving habits, keep reading to get a better picture of this widespread issue.

Motor Crashes

One of the most unsafe methods of driving involves motorcycles. The year 2014 saw over 32,000 people dying in motor vehicle accidents — this has only gone down by a minor 0.7% from the previous year according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Studies have shown motorcycle accidents to frequently be more high risk than the average vehicle, with a higher rate for severe injury or death compared to cars, trucks and buses. Overall, motor vehicle crashes were the leading cause of death in the year 2014 for individuals age 11 and older. Car accident lawyers and personal injury lawyers regularly deal in issues relating to motor crashes.

Drunk Driving

Driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs sees thousands of crashes, injuries and deaths every year in the United States. Studies have found that the average drunk driver has driven nearly 80 times before their first arrest. On any given day people will collectively drive over 300,000 times, with only 4,000 being arrested in the end. This term can vary from state to state, such as Ohio using the acronym OVI, but the consequences for drunk driving are dire. Punishments can include, but are not limited to, license suspension, heavy fines and extensive jail time.

Distracted Driving

Drunk driving isn’t the only risk. Distracted driving accidents are notorious for their subtle nature and severe consequences. Engaging in visual and manual subtasks, such as reaching for a phone or texting, have been found to increase the risk of getting into a crash by three times. Because of this more laws have been cracking down on the use of cell phones while driving, ranging from severe fines to even arrest in some states.

Common Bad Habits

There are other bad habits you can curb every time you step behind the wheel and go out onto the open road. Eating food and using a steering wheel can compromise your grip and make it more difficult to steer — some car stores offer grip covers that can avoid this accident and keep everyone safer in the long run. It is essential to call for a designated driver, since even a single drink can lower your reaction rate when driving. Last, but not least, try to encourage healthy habits in your friends and family. Even fatigued driving can compromise your ability to focus.

How To Become A Safe Driver

A little goes a long way. The United States alone sees over 300,000 large trucks involved in traffic crashes year after year. The year 2012 found large trucks to be more likely involved with fatal multiple-vehicle crashes than any other kind of vehicle, with 81% of all fatal crashes involving trucks. Distracted driving accidents, even still, remain one of the most common sources of crashes for all vehicle types and one that many awareness campaigns and local laws are attempting to reduce. With so many accidents occurring on a daily basis, change starts with you.

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