Don’t Face Divorce on Your Own Hire a Lawyer

Divorce is a lengthy and stressful process, not to mention challenging, which hugely impacts the physical and mental health of the parties involved. Due to this, it is important to hire the best family law attorney who can go over the procedures needed to file the divorce papers on your behalf. A good divorce lawyer will also help you in filing for a divorce before 30 days of marriage are over. With their expertise and knowledge, a divorce lawyer can answer questions such as “can a no fault divorce be contested?” or “can both husband and wife file for divorce?” Below are some of the benefits you can get when you hire a divorce lawyer.

Knowledge of the Law

Hiring a qualified divorce lawyer will aid you greatly as they have a good grasp of the law. Laws may vary from state to state regarding divorces, so it’s important to have a good lawyer who is experienced with court proceedings and make the divorce process seamless and peaceful.

Division of Assets

A divorce lawyer will also help in negotiating a suitable deal for you with your spouse during the divorce. They will also help to ensure that you get an ideal share when dividing assets and properties you share with your spouse.

If you need a divorce lawyer, contact us today to book an appointment with a qualified lawyer to help you with the divorce process.

Cleveland divorce lawyer

If you are trying to make the difficult decision of getting a divorce, you are not alone. There are thousands of couples that take the plunge every year, whether they are in their first, second, or third marriage. In fact, almost three-quarters of third marriages in the U.S. end in divorce. Several second and first marriages fail as well. But before you make any decisions it would be beneficial for you to speak with a divorce lawyer to understand all the legalities.

Divorce lawyers, and also family law attorneys, will be able to explain how the law in your state works, how custody works, and how assets and monetary rights are split. If you have children, they can explain the different forms of child custody, and lay out the details about each of your chances of gaining custody of your child or children, as well as financial aid you could receive. During divorce and custody battles, about 80% of custodial mothers in the U.S. get a support award.

You can also speak to them about the type of divorce you want to file. There are different forms to consider, such as dissolution vs. divorce, and fault vs. no-fault divorce, and depending on the state you live in, the court may process the case slightly different. For example, in states like Ohio, the two types of no-fault divorce are incompatibility, and separation for 1 year without living together in that time period. If you are looking at a fault-based divorce, the process might take much longer, as court proceedings can be lengthy, and if you are hiring separate lawyers to litigate, it could take a while to get through a custody battle, and property division. Divorce also takes a toll financially on both parties.

Once the legal aspects of the divorce are arranged, you may want speak with your lawyer about stress management tips going through a divorce. The constant back and forth, legalities, financial struggles, and home situation can be taxing. And if you have children, the process can be even more difficult. But your lawyer might be able to give you some helpful hints, or point you in the direction of someone who can provide valuable advice.

Even in the best case scenario, divorce is never easy, but finding a good attorney can relieve at least some of the pressure as you take this major step in your life. Research more here.

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