Expert Tips for the Divorce Mediation Process

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Divorce mediation services give the opportunity to both parties of a divorce to hear each other out and plan their future outside of their relationship. Here are some tips from a former attorney on how to prepare for divorce mediation.

Preparation is important for the divorce mediation process. Think of yourself as an attorney preparing yourself for trial. While mediation is conducted in the hopes that the matter won’t spill into a trial, the preparation is the same.

You need to be very organized. Line up every complaint and every piece of evidence that will be covered in the mediation process. It’s easy to get emotional during this, but it’s best done in an analytical and segmented way in order to avoid a mess.

You will need to do research and may need expert opinions from lawyers, a financial analyst, or any number of professionals. You need information and a plan for every topic from assets, children, and what happens to the home.

Remember, you are the deal maker here. The mediator is a neutral third party only there to guide things as best they can. You will need to be ready to respectfully speak your mind with informed opinions, while also conceding points and compromising with your ex.

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