My Boss Fired Me For Exposing Fraud What Do I Do?

Qui tam lawyer

What are qui tam lawsuits? Also known as whistleblower cases, this term has continued to grow in awareness as technology advances and information is passed more readily and freely throughout the country. If you have ever been afraid of being punished for pointing out a wrongdoing in the workplace or checking government fraud, you may be in need of a whistleblower attorney to help you avoid legal repercussion. Whistleblower retaliation settlements work in the particular field of protecting those who attempt to do a just act but are hampered by legalities and barriers everywhere they go. Continue reading below to learn more about qui tam lawsuits and the protection they can offer you when you need it most.

What Does Qui Tam Mean?

Let’s start with the origin of qui tam lawsuits, starting with the name. Qui tam is born of the Latin phrase, “Qui tam pro domino rege quam pro se ipso in hac parte sequitur”. This means, “He who sues in this matter for the king as well as for himself.” This expands on the ideology of qui tam lawsuits and their function as a form of protection for those seeking out economic and personal justice. This form of legal action has been around for many years, being established in the United States since its inception.

How Long Has This Existed?

Whistleblower cases have existed for many centuries, dating back as early as Roman times and going through multiple changes to the form we are familiar with today. English parliaments in the 14th century erected some of the very first qui tam orders and decrees — while this prioritized the goals of the king at the time, they also saw to local legislation staying fair and properly scrutinized. The United States adopted this form of law since colonial times, with Canada following suit not too long after.

Why Do Some Seek Out Whistleblower Law Firms?

Whistleblowers, also referred to as qui tam relators, call out government frauds as well as workplace violations. However, this can cause their higher-ups to seek out retaliatory action in the form of termination or suspension in an attempt to keep them silent. Whistleblower retaliation cases are a legal act that seeks to protect them from this and reach a more just conclusion. Similar actions include false patent marking, in which individuals can expose business’ goods as being incorrectly patented.

What If They Retaliate?

A common concern with qui tam lawsuits is the fear of punishment for whistleblower actions, with extensive surveys being conducted to analyze this trend and counteract it. Studies have shown 22% of those who reported wrongdoing in their respective spaces saying they experienced retaliation from their bosses or co-workers. The False Claim Act is implemented throughout the country as a means of cracking down on corruption and fraud in businesses and institutions.

How Do I Use Qui Tam Lawsuits?

If you are attempting to pursue a qui tam case but are fearful of retaliation, qui tam lawsuits can assist you in navigating the legal system and providing you protection. Qui tam cases account for at least 60% of false claims litigation, with the remainder usually initiated by the government. Qui tam lawsuits have seen significant growth in the past few years, rising by nearly 14% based on DOJ fraud statistics. If you or someone you know has been the victim of retaliation for whistleblowing, seek out a whistleblower lawyer to further explore your options.

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