Taking A Look At The World Of Criminal Defense In The United States

From prostitution attorneys to the DUI attorney to criminal defense lawyers, crime is prevalent here in the United States. However, it is important to note that all crime is not necessarily created equal, and that some types of crime are considered to be far more serious than others. But if you have been charged with a crime, it is highly important that you contact a criminal defense lawyer. Said criminal defense lawyer will be able to thoroughly assess your case as well as help you navigate through what is likely to be an unfamiliar and confusing legal world.

Prostitution attorneys, for instance, will specialize in crimes related to sex solicitation, something that is still illegal in all fifty states, even though it might not be in other parts of the world. And prostitution attorneys often have a great deal of experience, as nearly one hundred thousand people (eighty thousand, to be more exact) in the United States alone are arrested for soliciting sex each and every year – and more are arrested for selling it.

It’s important to note – and this is something that all prostitution attorneys will be aware of – that the crime of sex solicitation and the like will vary in terms of the legal punishment that has been set for it. In the state of Oregon, for example, prostitution and sex solicitation are considered to be class A misdemeanors, which means that they are punishable by as much as a full year in prison. If you don’t go to prison for a criminal matter related to the aforementioned, it is likely that you will need to pay a hefty fine of up to six thousand and two hundred and fifty dollars. In some cases, a fine and jail time will both be out on the table. The right prostitution attorneys, however, are likely to be able to reduce both – or at least one or the other.

Of course, sex solicitation and prostitution are not the only sex related crimes handled by prostitution attorneys. No, in fact, such crimes are on the more minor end of the scale. More serious sex related crimes typically handled by prostitution attorneys include promoting prostitution. Though the severity of the punishment for this crime will also vary from state to state, it is typically considered to be a class C felony. A class C felony charge like this one can come with as many a five years of jail time and a fine that can be as large as one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars, no small amount of time or of money, to say the least. With prostitution attorneys in your corner, however, your chances of a good outcome become astronomically better.

Of course, there are criminal matters outside of the world of prostitution and prostitution attorneys. Driving under the influence, for example, has become more common than ever before here in the United States so common that, in fact, in the year of 2012 very nearly ten and a half million people confessed to driving while under the influence. From drunk driving to driving under the influence of illicit drugs, driving while intoxicated in some way, shape, or form is taken very seriously here in the United States. If you are charged with such a crime, hiring a DUI lawyer from a DUI law firm or DUI office is likely to be the best course of action you could possible take.

After all, driving while under the influence is certainly far from uncommon. It’s estimated that up to three hundred thousand people get behind the wheel while drunk here in the United States each and every day – though it is also true that less than five thousand of said people will actually get arrested. And drugs other than alcohol are also profound in their usage. Of the nearly six million car accidents that occur each and every year in this country alone, more than fifteen percent of then (sixteen percent, to be exact) are caused by intoxication of a substance other than alcohol but including legal and illegal drugs alike.

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