What Every Senior Should Know About Medicaid Planning Attorneys

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No matter what stage you are in life, life can hard be hard at times. Whether you’re a child that’s being bullied in school, an angsty, awkward teenager trying to navigate the weirdness of the transition from childhood to adulthood, or an adult that has reached the middle of road and has many touch choices ahead of them, life is fraught with difficulty. Though the assumption is that life begins to get easier as people age, this is only partially true. While people do gain more experience and wisdom as they age that can make dealing with life’s challenges a little easier, one of the most challenging periods of life is when people are at their oldest.

Though later phases in a person’s life are often affectionately referred to as the Golden Years, this is only true for a select few and fortunate individuals. After decades of working, raising children, and jumping over the hurdles of life, the Golden Years refer to a time in one’s life that’s supposed to be calmer, easier, more predictable, and more enjoyable. It’s a time to move to a warmer climate, enjoying spending time with the grandchildren, eat early bird dinners, and get up and do it all over again the next day.

Unfortunately for many, their Golden Years are anything but bright and shiny due to the inevitable challenges that come with aging, such as unforeseen medical expenses, limited retirement funds, illness, and more. In fact, one’s Golden Years can be one of the most challenging periods of times in one’s life, as they no longer have the energy or clarity of youth to help them power through these challenges. Often times, aging seniors must rely on their adult children to help them navigate this difficult period of time in their life, and if they don’t have children or family to help, the going can get even tougher.

With living and medical expenses higher than they’ve ever been, many seniors rely on Medicaid in order to pay for their healthcare and medical expenses, included doctor visits, prescription drugs, treatments, lab tests, and nursing home care. Unlike Medicare, Medicaid is for low income seniors who struggle to meet their own living expenses, let along their medical expenses. However, qualifying for Medicaid is easier said than done, especially for seniors who fall into the disappearing middle class income bracket.

In this awkward position, many seniors may earn enough to be considered middle class and may be ineligible for Medicaid, even if they’re having trouble paying for their living and medical expenses. As a result, the chances that their Medicaid application will be accepted is slim to nil. Help is available however, in the form of a Medicaid planning attorney or an elder law attorney who specializes in such matters. Medicaid planning attorneys are experienced in handling cases such as these, where a seniors sits on the edge of earning too much to be considered lower income but not enough to cover their medical expenses. A Medicaid planning attorney can help a senior navigate through the legal loopholes necessary to receive the coverage they deserve.

Just like any other elder law legal professional such as an estate planning attorney, a Medicaid planning attorney always has their clients best interest in mind and heart. They’re ultimate goal is to ensure their client receives the medical coverage they deserve, and this often means helping their client “spend down” in an effort to become eligible for Medicaid’s income limitations. This process isn’t as simple or straightforward as it sounds or may appear, and failure to do it correctly often results in denied Medicaid application and no healthcare coverage.

As such, it simply isn’t worth the risk to attempt to create a spend down strategy for Medicaid eligibility without the expert advice and help from a reputable Medicaid planning attorney. Without knowing the ins and outs of the legal system in terms of elder care, trying to develop an effective spend down strategy for Medicaid eligibility can be stressful, confusing, and a dangerous game of trial and error, especially with state regulations. With the experience of a Medicaid planning attorney however, the process is effective and less stressful.

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