What is an expert witness?

If you have ever been summoned for jury duty or are just curious about the aspects of the legal system beyond the depictions presented in your favorite TV crime shows, visiting the US law essentials website can help you learn more about different types of witnesses called to testify at trial. Surely, you have heard the term eyewitness, which refers to a person who was physically present at the incident and either saw or heard something that’s relevant to the case. Eyewitnesses are also called fact witnesses because they are only able to attest to what they observed and are unable to voice opinions.
However, expert witnesses for insurance defense may also be called to testify. Their testimony is based upon knowledge, skill, training, education, or experience that enables them to formulate an expert opinion using sufficient facts or data and reliable principles and methods.

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For example, a fact witness can testify that they saw an accident, but only an expert witness could testify to the force of impact involved in the accident. Both types of witnesses are vital in building a case. So, next time you’re called for jury duty, you’ll have a grasp on expert witnesses.

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