16 Laws You Should Know About Before Traveling the Country

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Studies show that over half (52%) of American men will be arrested at least once in their lives. It has also been estimated that one in three people will be arrested by the age of 23. But that will never be you, right?

You might think you’re pretty familiar with the law, but how many of these laws did you know about? How many have you broken?

Laws You Should Know About Before Traveling the Country

  • It is illegal to take longer than 5 minutes to vote in Alabama
  • In Riverside, CA a local health ordinance requires both parties to wipe their lips with carbonized rose water before they kiss
  • In Illinois, an unmarried woman is required to call her male companion “Master” when out on a date
  • In Zion, IL it’s illegal to give an animal a lighted cigar
  • In Topeka, KS it’s illegal to serve wine in teacups
  • In Baltimore it’s against the law to take a lion to the movies
  • In Nebraska it’s illegal for a tavern owner to serve beer if a kettle of soup is not brewing at the same time
  • New York requires a license for hanging clothes on a clothesline
  • In Carmel, NY it’s illegal for a man to wear in public a jacket and pants that don’t match
  • It is illegal to have ice cream in your pocket in New York City
  • It is illegal to greet someone in New York City by “putting one’s thumb to the nose and wiggling the fingers”
  • In North Carolina a bingo game can last no longer than five hours
  • In Oklahoma it is unlawful to have a donkey sleeping in your bathtub past 7 p.m.
  • In Alaska it is illegal to look at a moose from an airplane
  • In West Virginia it is illegal to put anything other than a baby in a baby carriage
  • Birds have the right of way on a Utah highway
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