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Why You Should Hire a Patent Attorney if You’re Filing a Patent as an Inventor

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When many people think of an inventor, they tend to think of an engineer, mathematician, scientist, researcher, or any other kind of person that has strong technical knowledge and formal education in some form of science, technology, engineering, or mathematics. And while many inventors do have backgrounds like these, there are also a number that don’t have any such skills, abilities, or formal education and yet have gone on to invent some of the most important and influential items known to man. This just goes to show that anyone with a great idea, a lot of creativity, a bit of hard work, and a little luck is capable of creating an influential invention that can change thousands of lives — and that includes you!

Take for example, Sara Blakely, the inventor of Spanx. Blakely didn’t come

What Every Senior Should Know About Medicaid Planning Attorneys

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No matter what stage you are in life, life can hard be hard at times. Whether you’re a child that’s being bullied in school, an angsty, awkward teenager trying to navigate the weirdness of the transition from childhood to adulthood, or an adult that has reached the middle of road and has many touch choices ahead of them, life is fraught with difficulty. Though the assumption is that life begins to get easier as people age, this is only partially true. While people do gain more experience and wisdom as they age that can make dealing with life’s challenges a little easier, one of the most challenging periods of life is when people are at their oldest.

Though later phases in a person’s life are often affectionately referred to as the Golden Years, this is only true for a select few and fortunate

Family Law Attorneys How They Can Help You

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Divorce is never easy. The same could be said of many legal scenarios, but divorce is difficult precisely because of its intimate nature. During a divorce, people are not simply working on dissolving the legal “contract” of marriage. They’re also dissolving a personal relationship. This is why it falls under the greater category of “family law”. There are many different aspects of family law, and not all of them have to do with divorce. Family law can apply to the custody negotiations that often result from divorce, as well as adoptions that bring new children to into families, and much more. Family law attorneys have to maintain a delicate balance between the personal and professional. They’re not simply there to provide legal advice, b

Planning A Will The Realities To Remember

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Estate planning is something that everyone needs to consider — yet few people actually do. The fact is that everyone will eventually die, and the majority of those who do will leave some kind of property behind. Property is a tricky thing, due in part because what we legally define as property isn’t simply limited to land and houses. Property can include everything from your furniture to your cash, and even your stock in a company. Furthermore, legal property is not the only thing that you need to plan for. There is much that can happen after a person’s death, especially if they die unexpectedly. No one likes to think about such things — but the truth is that many times, the belongings of those who died without a will in place lead to disputes among family and friends. These dis

My Boss Fired Me For Exposing Fraud What Do I Do?

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What are qui tam lawsuits? Also known as whistleblower cases, this term has continued to grow in awareness as technology advances and information is passed more readily and freely throughout the country. If you have ever been afraid of being punished for pointing out a wrongdoing in the workplace or checking government fraud, you may be in need of a whistleblower attorney to help you avoid legal repercussion. Whistleblower retaliation settlements work in the particular field of protecting those who attempt to do a just act but are hampered by legalities and barriers everywhere they go. Continue reading below to learn more about qui tam lawsuits and the protection they can offer you when you need it most

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