Are You or a Loved One Looking to Immigrate to America? Find the Right Visa Attorney

What is a marriage visa

If you or a family member are moving soon for personal or business reasons and need to know how to immigrate to USA legally, you’ll probably want to contact an immigration attorney who can help to make sure that you follow important protocol and fill out the necessary paperwork.

When you want to settle in America permanently, it is typical to be sponsored by someone in your family or the person for whom you work. Another way to achieve permanent resident status is if you have refugee status or if you seek asylum in the United States for political or humanitarian reasons.

Oftentimes, the immigration process entails being able to answer the question, “What type of visa do I need?” For one, there is the EB-5 visa designed for “Immigrant Investors” and enacted under the Immigration Act of 1990. A couple years later, the United States government put a “temporary pilot program” into place that enabled qualified immigrants to live in the country permanently and legally, while creating more jobs and boosting the overall economic situation.

But perhaps the most pressing question in your mind is “What is a marriage visa?” This kind of visa enables someone who is not a citizen to marry the person petitioning for the visa on his or her behalf within three months. It is known as the K1 visa. Once the marriage occurs, the immigrant in question can get a green card and get permanent resident status. In order to go to America for the purpose of marrying someone, you will first need to complete an “I-129F fiance(e) petition.

If you have additional questions regarding what is a marriage visa or you have tips regarding the K1 fiance visa application, be sure to share them in the forum below.

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