Everything You Need to Know About Lead Poisoning Your Home

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Lead poisoning has been an issue in the United States for years and is still an epidemic to this day. If you’re in charge of any property, it is beneficial to become EPA lead certified so you can ensure that you, your family, any anyone else is protected from this dangerous poison. Getting EPA lead certified can be done through various lead certification courses, including EPA lead certification online programs.

Before you are EPA lead certified, however, you should at least know the basics of this dangerous chemical. Here are a few important aspects of lead poisoning:

  • Exposure — Paint and dust that is contaminated with lead are the most hazardous ways of exposing people to the chemical. Prior to 1978, when lead-based paints became illegal, lead was used in the majority of home painting. Originally lead-based paint wasn’t a problem for residents. But after a few years of deterioration, the lead became an issue.
  • Children at Risk — Young children are at extreme risk for lead poisoning because they crawl around all over the place and put their hands on just about anything they see. If a small child crawls over to a lead-infused corner of a room, it’s almost guaranteed that they are going to poke around over there and then touch their own face. In the U.S., over 24 million homes have deteriorated lead paint levels and over four million of those homes contain at least one small child.
  • What to Do?
    • Clean, Clean, Clean — Keeping your house as clean as possible is a great way of protecting your family from lead posing. Wash just about every object in your home because they are often covered in dust that can contain lead.
    • House Built Prior to 1978? — Children and pregnant women should not be inside a house that was built before 1978 if it’s undoing construction. These renovation projects often stir up old dust and paint, which could have dangerous levels of lead inside and cause major problems for the kids and unborn baby.
    • Consult With Health Department — Working with your local health department to test for lead issues within your home is extremely important. It’s better to act quickly regarding lead, as well. You don’t want it to be too late. Even if nothing turns up and your house is fine, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

There are also programs that you can do to achieve your EPA lead certification renewal.

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