Google Service Ad QandA With Lawyers

In this video, you will learn about local realtors. Some realtors might dispute leads on Google. There are service ads that realtors use for their business. Google is smart, however, not every lead should be accredited.

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There could be leads that need review, and you’ll want to make sure you reach out to these people and see if they can review the leads. When someone gives you a call as a realtor, ask them if you can give them a callback. What is the difference between a completed vs upcoming lead? Completed means you have already had this meeting with them. Eventually, in real estate, you meet with a lot of people. When you have met with them once, put them in as completed. If you won’t have a meeting with them for awhile, make them as upcoming. When you have someone who is a leader and you are working with them, put them as booked. Google looks at your booking rate. They say they calculate it with artificial intelligence and listen to your calls through Google. There is a lot to know about Google Service Ads. If you are interested in learning more, keep watching this for more information.

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