Interested in Law? These Are The Top Areas You Can Study

different types of lawyers and their roles

When you decide you want to study law, there are many different areas of study for you. Depending on the area you choose, there are numerous professional opportunities open to you. When you become a lawyer, you must be an expert in your field or area. When you choose a specific area of study, it helps you narrow your focus. Continue reading this article to find out more information about some of the different types of lawyers and their roles. This can help you make an informed decision about your path.

Family Law

When thinking about different types of lawyers and their roles, family law may interest you. This is a set of laws and cases that are diverse and cover a wide range of areas. Family law covers situations from domestic abuse to adoption. Divorce lawyers fall under the category of family law. Lawyers practicing family law make a significant impact on the lives of others. A lawyer focusing on family law handles problems that arise within or relating to families. This can include additional areas such as prenuptial agreements, child welfare, and juvenile justice. It can also cover adoption, surrogacy issues, and in vitro fertilization.

Criminal Law

When thinking about different types of lawyers and their roles, criminal law is probably one of the first you think about. This is the type of law that is seen the most. Criminal attorneys are most often depicted on television and probably seem the most glamorous. This type of law involves the government prosecuting people who are believed to have committed a crime under the law. There must be some law, statute, or precedent stating that the act was a crime for the individual to be charged with it.

Criminal law is ripe with opportunities from being a prosecutor or defense lawyer. A prosecutor represents the people or general public, and a defense attorney represents the individual being charged with the crime. Prosecutors work for either the local state or federal government, while the defense attorney works for the government or a private firm. When someone cannot afford an attorney, one is provided to them because, under the law, everyone is entitled to a lawyer. A public defender is the individual working for the government that works for the state or federal government and provides free legal representation. There are many specializations within criminal law, such as a DUI attorney. A criminal attorney spends a reasonable amount of time in a courtroom and works to protect the fundamental rights of those they are defending.

Tax Law

Another one of the different types of lawyers and their roles is tax law. Another name for tax law is revenue law. Tax law is a complex area of law that constantly changes. It can be an exciting field where you must continuously keep up with the changing law. Every person and business is required to file taxes on a regular basis. Even when people file them on an annual basis, they can be confused by the laws around taxes and tax filing.

A tax attorney helps individuals and businesses navigate the complexity of the tax system. These attorneys help people when they are facing audits and problems with the IRS. This is a specialization where an attorney can make a large amount of money. Business law also falls under tax law. This side of tax law helps businesses understand the industry and commerce associated with the business. In addition to taxes, this type of attorney handles trademarking, licensing, and liability. When an attorney focuses on small business law, they can help businesses with hiring, zoning, and how to determine tax classification.

Personal Injury Law

When considering different types of lawyers and their roles, you may consider a personal injury lawyer. This type of lawyer provides clients with legal aid and legal counsel when they have some type of injury. It may be an emotional, physical, or mental injury that occurred as a result of malpractice or negligence by someone else. There tend to be deadlines when filing disability claims. Often personal injury lawyers specialize, such as auto accident lawyers, medical malpractice, or slip and fall accidents.

Corporate Law

Corporate law is one of the different types of lawyers and their roles that you should consider. This field of law helps to create regulations and rules that are intended to help businesses operate. Corporate law covers mergers, acquisitions, liability, compliance, and patents. This type of law helps businesses understand the structure and finances of their own company. Attorneys that deal with this type of law also provide legal advice and everyday interactions and affairs of the business. Attorneys help business handles their paperwork and difficult situations they may face.

Bankruptcy Law

There are many different types of lawyers and their roles, including those specializing in bankruptcy law. These types of lawyers may also be referred to as debt relief lawyers or chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys. Bankruptcy is a legal process that includes a person or a business that is no longer able to pay its debts. Filing bankruptcy is a process that the debtor initiates. It includes their assets being evaluated and assessed for value to determine if they can be used to repay the debts. A bankruptcy lawyer helps their clients make decisions throughout the entire process. The attorney may represent their client in bankruptcy court for proceedings and hearings. They gather and prepare documents, assess assists to help pay off the debts. A bankruptcy lawyer may help creditors, committees, and trustees through these processes as well.

Probate Law

Of all the different types of lawyers and their roles, a probate lawyer may be the one that is the most emotionally challenging. This lawyer comes into the picture after someone has passed away and must deal with the grieving family. A probate lawyer is also called an estate planning lawyer or estate law attorney. When an individual passes away, the assets that are left behind must be given out. They must be given out in a way that follows the law and the directions of the deceased individual. These directions are stated in the will of the deceased individual.

A probate lawyer assists the executor of the will and or beneficiaries through the process of probate. This includes identifying the assets of the estate and distributing them appropriately. If the deceased individual did not have a will, the beneficiaries must sue and file claims for the items they believe they should have. If there is a will, there may be individuals that question if it is legal and valid. Any of these situations could lead to a litigation process.

Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property lawyers are in high demand in this age of internet and electronic services. These types of lawyers handle trademarks, copyrights, patents, and so much more. They assist people in protecting their ideas and work from theft or duplication. Intellectual property (IP) usually has three categories underneath it. These include patent law, which has a focus on technology and inventions. Trademark law is a company’s device, symbol, or name that they have invested in and created. Copyright law includes musical, artistic, and literary work. IP is a broad field that covers rights, registering ideas, products, and names. IP law protects its clients from plagiarism and unauthorized use. It also protects images and even personality. However, these items must be registered properly. IP law focuses on protecting the creative works of individuals or groups of people. As an IP lawyer, you should consider specializing in one of the three major areas covered under IP law.

Civil Rights Law

Civil rights law is the practice of law that focuses on the rights of all individuals to receive equal treatment. It also prevents discrimination. Under the Constitution, civil liberty is a freedom that is given to all. Civil rights lawyers fight for those rights granted under the law. There is a wide range of categories that fall under civil rights law. These include voting rights, police brutality, religious rights, and First Amendment rights. In addition, civil rights law works to ensure that no one is discriminated against for age, nation of origin, sex, and ethnicity. This law focuses on access to fair and equitable housing and employment for all that is not determined by race, sex, ethnicity, or nation of origin. Often civil rights attorneys work with civil rights groups, like the Human Rights Campaign or the ACLU.

Disability Law

Another one of the different types of lawyers and their roles is a disability lawyer. The role of a disability attorney is to help clients navigate the disability world and provide them with the benefits to which they are entitled because of their disability. This type of lawyer helps develop evidence to provide that someone has a disability. They understand what evidence the court needs to make an accurate decision about a disability. A disability lawyer will review the file carefully to understand what is missing and what blanks they may have to fill in. The attorney works to obtain the necessary records and submit them timely. If the disability case goes to a hearing, the attorney will represent their client in court.

Immigration Law

Another one of the different types of lawyers and their roles that is a hot area right now is immigration law. The US immigration laws are incredibly difficult to understand and untangle. Even the smallest mistake in this area can cost you delays, denials, and even deportation. As an immigration attorney, you will work with people at all places within the immigration process. You will work with refugees and those seeking asylum, and those who came into the country without the proper documents.

It is important that when you decide to go into the immigration law field, that you are dedicated to constantly staying in the know about the laws and regulation changes. You also must make sure that your clients follow the law appropriately. An immigration lawyer will understand and interpret the law. Then, the lawyer helps their clients analyze what rights they have and how to proceed. This includes all possibilities and strategies you must employ to follow and complete the immigration process. This type of lawyer fills out a large amount of paperwork, helps clients stay organized, and obtain all needed documentation, such as a birth certificate. An immigration attorney makes sure all of the information on any documents is clear and accurate.

Labor Law

Labor law may also be referred to as employment law. When you enter this specialty, you are working to improve the right of the working class. You are also working to help improve the relationship they have with their employers. As a labor law attorney, you are focused on helping your clients fight against the unfair practices they have had to contend with in their workplace. These issues can cover compensation, wages, discrimination, and harassment. Like many other areas in law, labor law is often changing and evolving based on what is happening in the world around us. This area tends to have a constant flow of work and cases. A labor lawyer can represent the employer or the employee. Many industries have labor unions. The labor lawyer must be the expert on the regulations and rules of the union and how they impact the employers and employees.

When you go into the field of law, it is important that you understand all of the various fields open to you. At some point, you will have to select a specific type of field or specialization. If you can find out as much about each one as you can, it can help you determine which field is a good fit for you.

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