Is Your Attorney Right For Your Legal Case?

Ohio dui attorney

The legal system is beneficial in many ways. It protects the countries citizens from those who commit crimes. It keeps the dangerous people all of the streets. However, there are many flaws also in the legal system. People who are innocent may be severely fined, or worse, required to serve time in prison. Previous laws can sometimes set stipulations for new cases, even though they do not entirely fit the specifics of the case. Because of all of the ambiguity involved in the legal system, it is necessary to have an experienced and dedicated attorney. You cannot afford to hire the wrong attorney or you might be faced with jail time, a criminal record, and a lifetime of difficulties.


Newer attorneys may be cheaper, however, cheaper is not always best. This is especially the case when your life is at stake. A simple mistake from the criminal defense firms attorney can land you in jail for many years. It can mean higher fees. It can mean a permanent record, making it difficult to obtain a job in the future. Criminal defense firms are usually made up of all different levels of attorneys. Ensure that your representation is well experienced in the area of law you are dealing with.


Some may believe that finding a good attorney means choosing one with little emotion and the desire to win. However, compassion in a defense attorney can be a crucial part of the success of the case. Not only will they be more compassionate to your specific situation, but they will also mesh better with the prosecuting attorney and the judge. Compassion is actually an important characteristic to look for when finding a good lawyer. Compassion may be especially necessary in a divorce proceeding. With more than 1 million children involved in divorce proceedings every year, it is important to find criminal defense firms with access to compassionate attorneys.


It might seem that experience and knowledge go hand in hand. However, this is not always the case, especially if you are dealing with a unique legal case. For example, a divorce attorney may not be the best representation for someone dealing with tax liabilities and business ownerships because of a divorce. In this specific case, a business attorney may be more relevant. In the United States alone, researchers estimate that 40% to 50% of all first marriages, and 60% of second marriages, will end in divorce. What many people do not consider, is the vast differences among these marriages.

Continuing education

The laws are constantly changing. Selecting criminal defense firms that do not keep up with these changes can be a mistake. It is important that your representation keep up with all changes in laws. Also, as unique legal battles are heard in court, the laws will change. New DUI laws are constantly evolving. You may have committed a DUI charge without even realizing it.

For example, currently the police must have a probable cause to pull you over. Whether you were swerving, ran a red light, or witnesses confirmed that you were too drunk to drive, an officer cannot pull you over unless there is evidence to confirm you were driving suspiciously. What constitutes as probably cause constantly changes. If your attorney is not aware of current legalities, this could significantly hurt your case.

Personal injury knowledge

Many crimes result in personal injury, either to the victim or the charged party. If there are injuries involved in any aspect of the charge, it may be beneficial to have the knowledge of a personal injury attorney. Personal injuries tend to be a specific area of the law. Many other specialized attorneys may not be familiar with current personal injury laws and this could also harm a case.

Hiring the wrong legal representation can be both a costly and timely mistake. A survey of 188 judges, prosecuting attorneys, public defenders, sheriffs, and police revealed that 10,000 people in the United States may be wrongfully convicted of serious crimes each year. If you are dealing with a legal charge, ensure that your legal representation is experienced, compassionate, has relevant knowledge, and keeps up with current laws.

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