Think You Might Need Legal Help? 3 Times You Should Call an Accident Lawyer or Other Attorney

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Finding yourself in a situation involving the law can be overwhelming. Regardless of what side of the issue you’re on, the prospect of needing and finding legal representation, like a trusted attorney, is daunting for many. Does the situation call for it? Will getting a lawyer further upset the other party? Is it even worth going for a consultation? These questions can be very difficult to answer, but when your own personal assets and character are at stake, seeking out representation is always best. Here are three scenarios that call for just that:

  1. Personal Injury Cases
  2. Accidents, of any kind, can often be life-changing for both parties.For drivers who drink and drive, accidents can cause devastating consequences on the roadways, resulting in injuries, fatalities and serious legal results for him or her. Vice versa, victims of these events face even more difficult circumstances. From sustaining personal life-threatening injuries to losing a loved one, these individuals often have their lives shattered as the result of an accident and require expert legal knowledge to receive a just result. Whether the perpetrator or victim, these serious situations absolutely call for an accident lawyer. Personal injury lawyers, also known as accident lawyers, will be able to asses the situation and do their best to make sure you receive the fairest result after your accident.

  3. Divorce Proceedings
  4. Today in the United States, 42% marriages end in divorce, and almost 60% of second marriages end in divorce. With statistics like these, it’s no surprise that millions of Americans face the task of sorting out marital assets each year. Whether the marriage ended because of a lack of intimacy, which 80% of respondents say theirs did, or finances, working this separation out between one of more emotionally charged spouses can become contentious very quickly. This is why having legal representation is so important. Like an accident lawyer, divorce lawyers look out for the best interests of each spouse, ensuring their client receives what is fairly owed to he or she in the divorce.

  5. Custody Battles
  6. Divorces also often involve assessing custody rights of each parent to any children the couple has together. Just as divorces can be intensely controversial, so too can custody battles, especially when the exchange of child support is involved. In these cases, just as with divorce and accident lawyers, hiring a good family lawyer can be key. In fact, as of a report published in 2013, 88.8% of child support agreements were formal agreements, established in court or through a government agency. And once these terms are established, making sure child support is given as it should be can also cause issue. An absent father, for example, not paying child support may force the mother, a custodial parent, to take legal action. A 2011 report supports this trend, showing that of the 7.1 million custodial single parents who were awarded child support, only 43.4% received the money that was due. As of today in the U.S., this adds up to a staggering $100 billion is owed in unpaid child support

Whether you’re the victim of an accident, a separated spouse looking toward divorce or a single parent owed backed child support, seeking out the best legal representation possible is often key in ensuring you receive what you are deserved. Accident, divorce, and family attorneys are trained to make sure they get you, their client, exactly what you are owed. Don’t let the wheels of justice slow any longer. Take action now.

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