Domestic Violence And Sexual Harassment How To Get Your Life Back With The Right Attorney

If you are involved in an abusive marriage or relationship, you may feel helpless and unable to escape. Between the emotional attachment you may feel to your abuser and the financial uncertainty of living on your own, it may feel like you are trapped. However, an experienced divorce lawyer can provide you with emotional support while you are confronting your abuser.

Women whose husbands are physically violent may wonder, “Can you get a restraining order on your husband?” The answer is yes; when you go to court, and an order is issued, it will begin as an interim order that will last two weeks. During that period, he will be prevented, by law, from entering the home. He will also not be allowed to talk to you, call you, text you, or email you.

If you are divorced and are approached by an abusive ex-husband, you may want to stop his abusive behavior. You will need proof that they have harmed you or that they have threatened to harm you. For the order to qualify as a domestic violence warrant, you have to show you – or someone close to you – has a relationship with the abuser. Make sure you provide your divorce lawyer with specific details and concerns.

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Sexual harassment, domestic violence and sexual assault are issues affecting millions of Americans every year. Due to prevalent social stigma and a complex legal system many feel they’re unable to receive the help they need, affecting their day-to-day life and employment opportunities. It’s important to remember, however, that you’re not alone. A criminal defense lawyer or sex crime attorney is a legal professional who is familiar with the ins and outs of the legal system in regards to domestic violence, child neglect and sexual harassment — they can help you file the necessary paperwork, gather witnesses and relocate you to get your life back in your hands once more.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is the physical, emotional and mental violence inflicted from a significant other onto their partner. Estimates show that one in four women will experience domestic violence during her lifetime, with some facing it multiple times before getting the help they need. Signs of domestic abuse include, but are not limited to — controlling behavior, gaslighting, chronic lying, physical violence, removing access to resources such as transportation and finances, sexual abuse, harassment, stalking and manipulation. Hiring a sex crime attorney can ensure you become familiar with the laws of your state.

Child Abuse

It can be terrifying not only trying to seek help for yourself, but also your children. Ongoing studies have shown more than three million children will witness domestic violence in their homes on a yearly basis. Children who live in homes where domestic violence is a regular occurrence are also more likely to suffer either abuse or neglect at rates of 30% to 60% compared to their peers who live in stable households. A domestic violence attorney can assist you with child abuse and neglect laws in your state, helping both you and your children get out of a dangerous situation as soon as possible.

Mental Health

Your mental and emotional health is important. Struggling with domestic violence and child abuse will not only see your finances struggling, but your mental health becoming more difficult to deal with in the day-to-day. PTSD (short for post traumatic stress disorder) is a form of mental illness characterized by flashbacks and panic attacks linked to specific forms of trauma. Panic disorder, anxiety disorder and depression are all forms of mental illness you can develop over the course of your struggle. A caring lawyer will do more than just diagnose the problem, but will provide you resources to help your ongoing battle with recovery.

Finding The Right Attorney

You’re not alone in your struggle. Whether you’re worried about the safety of your child or are concerned you might be suffering the mental health ramifications of an abusive relationship, there are resources available to you. An assault attorney can assist you if you’ve been the victim of physical abuse at the hands of a significant other or spouse, while a sex crime attorney can provide you with the legal means of addressing ongoing sexual harassment or sexual assault in the workplace or household. Visiting a legal firm will have you gathering essential information and putting you on the fast track to getting your life back.

an experienced divorce lawyer can provide you with emotional support while you are confronting your abuser.