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What Judges Consider At A Bail Hearing is an informative video for anyone who wants to learn about bail bonds. This video outlines the basic principles and what is considered before granting or refusing to reduce a person’s bail bond at their hearing. A judge is inclined to consider four factors at a bail hearing. The first factor is the seriousness of the new crime they are presiding over, if it involves violence or corruption then there is a high probability that these underlying influences will negatively impact the outcome of a person’s hearing. Standard procedure is that if a crime is more serious then bail should not be reduced or granted to ensure that the public is protected from any possible harm by the defendant. The second factor that is considered is whether the defendant has an extensive history of crime or not because someone who has a clean criminal record will most likely be granted bail. The third factor that the judge uses to weigh in on the outcome of the bail hearing is whether or not a person is a flight risk. This means that if a person is deemed to be less likely to show up for their corresponding hearing or if they have an extensive criminal record or have been accused of a similar violent crime and they are not upstanding citizens in their respective communities then they will be less likely to be granted bail or have it reduced to avoid issues related to absconding. If a person is a transient member of the community without any distinct residential address then this can be used as an assessment factor that could negatively affect the outcome of their hearing. Having substantial ties to the community such as a family or a permanent job is an added advantage that could improve a person’s hearing outcome because stability is a measurement of the defendant’s character. The final and crucial consideration that a judge has to make is whether the defendant poses any threat to the public if they are granted bail. The defendant’s criminal record and history of violence play a key role in making this decision.

If a person or their loved ones need to apply for a bail bond hearing and they do not have the required amount, then they can use the services of a bail bond agent to stand in as surety for the required amount. When using a bail bond agent, then it is important to ensure that they are licensed as per the requirements and that they receive payment of the agreed amount because failure to uphold the agreement could lead to the agent hiring a bounty hunter to retrieve their money from the defendant.

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