Taking A Look At The Typical DUI Case

Car accidents are incredibly common here in the United States, as any personal injury attorney or criminal defense attorneys will be all too easily able to attest to. In fact, there are as many as six million over the course of just one single year in this one country alone. In these car accidents, up to three million people are injured and many others are actually killed as well, losing their own lives and likely changing the lives of their loved ones forever.

And the injuries that are sustained in car accidents can be just as life changing in many ways. While certainly some car accident injuries are less severe and might require minor medical treatment and a relatively brief healing process, others are far more significant. When it comes to spinal cord injuries, the lives of the victims are often forever changed. Many people who sustain a spinal cord injury actually end up becoming paralyzed and some of these people will even need lifelong care in the aftermath of their accident, needing to leave their jobs and their lives as they knew it. It’s really no doubt that many such car accident victim find themselves dealing with a good deal of financial stress.

And there are many causes of preventable car accidents. For instance, needing to mount a DUI defense is more common than many people think, with the DUI defense having become very common in the United States. In fact, the DUI defense is likely to be necessary in as many as ten million cases, as that is how many people drive under the influence of drugs and alcohol in just one year alone. Unfortunately, too many people will not be caught after driving drunk, and the need for a DUI defense often only becomes necessary after a true tragedy has occurred.

It’s even been estimated that though only around four thousand people are arrested for driving while drunk each and every day that a number as large as three hundred thousand people actually get behind the wheel while they are still intoxicated. As so many do not get caught, it has also been estimated that the typical drunk driver will be able to get away with driving drunk for as many as eighty times before actually ever being caught and pulled over. And on any eighty of those trips while intoxicated, the potential for a life changing accident to occur is hugely prevalent, the potential for severe injury and loss of life just as strong, both in terms of the driver themselves as well as anyone that has the misfortune to be around them while they are driving and intoxicated.

And when we consider the typical DUI defense we must consider more than just alcohol related offenses. In fact, driving while under the influence of drugs that are not alcohol is common as well. Statistics have shown that more than fifteen percent of all car accidents that occur over the course of a single year can actually be directly tied to a driver who was under the influence of a substance that was not alcohol, and both legal and illegal drugs are included in this number.

Aside from the need to mount a DUI defense and like cases, driving while distracted has also been found to be a significant threat to just about everyone who is out and on the road. In fact, it’s estimated that driving while distracted is now more prevalent than it has ever been before, with more than six hundred and fifty thousand drivers engaging in this bad and incredibly dangerous habit at any given moment all throughout the country. And while distracted driving primarily occurs because of cell phone use, there are many ways that someone can become distracted while they are out on the road.

From the need for the DUI defense to driving while texting or while talking on the phone, the road can be a truly perilous place, especially here in the United States. Fortunately, steps have been taken to eradicate – or at least reduce – these dangerous as much as is possible. Taking steps against such things is the first step to improving road safety.

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