When a Person Dies The Will

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  • 51% of Americans age 55 to 64 don’t have wills.

A person who is above a certain age or is in an occupation with a greater chance of injury and death will consider having a will to better distribute their savings and their property when they have passed. A will is a binding legal document in which someone bequeaths their assets to available members of family, friends, the government, or other organizations.

A will is there to make sure the assets go to the right person, rather than having them be divided by someone who has little interest in the overall family and a better interest in holding to the person’s emotional will as well as the will that is in paper. A person who distributes the will must be ready for different things.

There are many instances in which a will is cause for emotional fighting within the family. A person may think they are their parents’ favorite, only to come up with nothing, and a family member may feel like they have taken care of the parent when they have been sick, which should lead to a good will bequeathing, but little to nothing happens.

A will is there, however, not to show who is the favorite son or daughter but to protect the person in case of death. A will distributes the property and the assets, which can include physical assets, financial assets, and other assets. Without the will, the property goes to the government, which is a major issue for many.

There are many instances where a will may be necessary. A person, for instance, may plan to do something dangerous, which could bring a loss of life. That person may draft a will in case this happens. This can happen with skydiving, scuba diving, or other extreme sports. A person may also decide to hike into nature. That could prove deadly.

A person who has a will will generally need a lawyer to sign it and make it official. These are will lawyers, who are always sometimes called estate lawyers. These estate lawyers are those that distribute the property legally after someone has passed. It is considered one of the easier jobs in the law field.

An estate lawyer must keep a detailed copy of the will or the will itself in their office. The will is a binding agreement, which people state that their property is to be give to a certain person. There is also the issue of advanced directives, which is what happens when a person is suffering from an illness and they can’t direct their affairs.

An advanced directive occurs in situations where people struggle or suffer to the point where making clear and big decisions for themselves is difficult. This can occur with mental incapacitation when someone is struggling with mental health or a disease like Alzheimer’s. The person then would create an advanced directive.

This advanced directive allows a person to make decisions on behalf of that person, concerning the welfare of a person, decisions about health processes, and even the will. A person who has advanced directive can influence the will or even draft it. This can be an issue within families if the person keeps to themselves and keeps things to themselves.

An estate lawyer and a will are important parts of the process to getting property and assets distributed to people in a timely manner. There can be struggles with this issue, as family members may get mad that someone else is getting something, but the will stipulates what is and that is fine. Advanced directive can influence the case.

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