Great Tips for Hiring a Social Security Disability Attorney

If you have applied for Social Security benefits and been denied, you may wonder if you should hire a Social Security disability attorney. This video reviews the benefits of hiring such an attorney. Lawyers who work with Social Security payments are experienced in navigating the application process.

Why You May Need a Lawyer

According to Farmer and Morris Law, your chances of being approved for Social Security benefits are 3.3 times higher when working with a lawyer.

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When you hire a lawyer, they will examine your claim to verify your eligibility for benefits. You may be unable to work, but the Social Security Administration has strict standards for proving disability. You may think you have submitted all the necessary documents, but an attorney can often help you select the correct ones.

What a Lawyer Will Do For You

The application process is clear to these lawyers, and they are able to fill out Social Security application forms quickly. If you have had difficulty obtaining the correct documents for your claim, it could be a relief to have a lawyer who knows the ways to get what you need. If there is a denial of your claim, the attorneys will know how best to frame the appeal. If your claim is denied multiple times, they can help file an appeal in federal court.

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